Why are 27% of Christian Marriages ending in divorce?
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wedding rings Why are 27% of Christian marriages ending in divorce?
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Joseph Webb Th.D., Ph.D.
and Patricia Webb Ph.D.

Joseph is an ordained minister with over fifty years experience as an evangelist, counselor and pastor-teacher. He continues to preach and teach seminars across the USA by invitation and around the World thru his media outlet emphasizing the establishment and restoration of Biblical families.

He has developed an extensive library of media teaching available on subjects related to our personal relationship with God, marriage, family, and issues related to our churches. His fifty years of ministry has given him a broad range of experience and exposure which will benefit audiences of various denominations. His heart beat is tuned to the local church and he desires to see the light of it's testimony grow stronger thru strong Biblical families.

Patricia has been a homemaker and business executive while serving within the local church. She has played an active role in teaching, organizing, and hospitality while providing a support to her husband in existing church congregations and new church plants. She especially enjoys her close relationship with her children and grandchildren. Patricia has also served on the president's council for the local jail ministry in an advisory capacity assisting with fund raising and other duties.

Joseph and Patricia know well the heartache in the loss of a loved one by death and separation. Both have been happily married and widowed. Both families had been active in ministry and found themselves searching for God's plan within that heartache. Married to each other late in life brought about all new situations, adjustments, and yes - problems. These circumstances have required a new focus and time to reflect. How does it all come together?

Christian Principles Restored was created with the goal of reestablishing Biblical principles in the church concerning courting, marriage, divorce, and solid permanent homes and families.

This is a faith ministry, supported through gifts and offerings. We do appreciate your prayers and financial support. CPR is a registered 501c3 corporation.




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